Steven Ward, CEO

Steven Ward MasterSteven Ward is the CEO of Master Matchmakers, and one of the most successful professional matchmakers and relationship experts in America.  As the star and host of the VH1 “Tough Love” series, Steven gives his no nonsense insight into dating and love as he tries to help singles overcome the obstacles and jump the hurdles that stand between them and happy, fulfilling relationships.  Combining his business savvy with a natural instinct for matching single people into perfect couples, Steven Ward has helped grow Master Matchmakers into one of the largest and most successful personal matchmaking and relationship coaching services in the United States.

At their core, Steven Ward and the entire Master Matchmakers family hold the deep conviction that each of us can always improve our situations and ourselves, especially when it comes to our dating and love lives.  Master Matchmakers exists to help people who decide to better this aspect of their lives by providing support and direction, as well as introductions to exceptional people our clients will be excited to meet.  We build relationships based on the fundamental values of communication, respect, and trust with each of our clients, and between each client and the people with whom they become romantically involved.

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One of the major keys to Steven Ward’s and Master Matchmaker’s success is their personalized approach, specifically tailored to each individual as they search for the type of person and relationship they desire.  There is nothing quite like having a personal proponent to guide you through this process, and to advocate on your behalf while you are on your way towards a happy, healthy, sustainable love life.  With the limitless opportunities for connection provided by the wonders of the digital age, finding the perfect relationship can be easier than ever.  Using the amazing technological tools available, Master Matchmakers combines their personal approach to matchmaking with the amazing connective ability of the World Wide Web.

Master Matchmakers is a Ward family affair.  Founded by JoAnn Ward, both her son Steven Ward and daughter Monica Ward share her passion for bringing single people together into successful, rewarding, long lasting relationships, and, above all, helping them find deep and meaningful love.  Their ultimate goal is to help each person make that life changing connection with “the one” so they can embark on their incredible adventure together.

Watch “Tough Love” on VH1 to see Steven Ward and the Ward family in action.