Sex On The First Date

There have been countless surveys and studies published recently that are supposed to provide insights into love, dating and relationship in the digital age. Recently, famed love doctor Helen Fisher concluded that one out of five singles believe it’s either “somewhat appropriate” or “totally appropriate” to have sex on a first date. You may be one of those four-out-of-five today, but that one-out-of-five tomorrow. The same study concluded that 31% of singles say they have developed a relationship from what they thought was just going to be a one-night stand. So it isn’t always a bust.

Jumping into the sack has almost become a societal norm. It’s certainly a far cry from the taboo it used to be. The risks however are very much the same.

Most singles today date like they’re playing Blackjack. Although you might like to play only one hand at a time, many players play as many hands at time as they can. Any experienced Blackjack player will tell you; how others play their hand should have no bearing on how you play yours. So if you play more than one hand at a time, how you play one hand, should have no bearing on how you play the other. That’s why the dating games should be played more like poker…if you’re playing games at all.

Whether or not you win at the poker totally depends on everyone else’s hand; just like sex. Unless you’re a professional poker player you probably can’t tell your odds. Your health and reputation are two of your most valuable assets and ones you should never gamble with. I’ve learned in life that no matter how lucky you’ve been and no matter how many hands you’ve won, you can’t possibly win ‘em all and all it takes is one bad beat to lose everything you’ve worked for.