Don’t Use Online Dating to Compensate

steven ward nervous-guyOnline dating is so prevalent nowadays that it has basically become the norm among a certain generation (and continues to spread to older generations as well). I can’t say it doesn’t make sense. People don’t want to go on dates that might lead nowhere. Dating profiles serve as a screening process, after which you can make an educated guess, based on common interests, type of relationship sought, and level of attractiveness (assuming people represent themselves accurately), about whether or not the interaction is a worthwhile endeavor. But there are other reasons people look to the internet for dating, and it is worth being cognizant of them.

It’s important for people to make sure that they are not doing online dating because they are afraid to ask someone out in person. If the idea of talking to someone you are attracted to makes you nervous, this doesn’t bode well for the prospects of your first date anyway. This piece of advice is repeated constantly, but that’s because it always needs to be: BE CONFIDENT!

There’s something else people should think about when dating online. The very thing that makes these sites and apps so popular, convenience, is the very thing that people should be wary of. It doesn’t take a dating expert to realize that a relationship based primarily on convenience is not going to last. And if convenience is a basis for a relationship from the very beginning, it may wind up being a constant throughout, until, of course, the relationship becomes inconvenient and falls apart.

Here’s what it comes down to. Online dating in conjunction with an already stable dating life can be quite fruitful. So make sure you use this tool in that capacity. It should add to your ability to meet people, but should never compensate for inability or laziness.